‘Waste Architecture Platform’ is a complex project
conceived as container of initiatives devoted to
environmental architecture in connection with
interventions concerning the collection, disposal
and management of waste


On 2nd October a practical landscape design lab session will be coordinated by Studio Arcoplan with the collaboration of Raffaello Cossu, Professor of the University of Padova and Stefanos Antoniadis, research fellow at the University of Padova.
The laboratory will be preceded by an introductory lecture on the topic. The lab session will give participants the opportunity to share their views with colleagues and experts within their working groups on a real case study.

The participants will elaborate a concept for the valorisation and/or requalification of the plant proposed and will be invited to illustrate the final project at the end of the laboratory. The results will be published in a special issue on Waste Architecture of Detritus journal and on a special section of the website.

Two case studies, selected by the Scientific Committee among the numerous proposals received, will be evaluated and assessed during the planning and design workshop.
The selected proposers will present the case studies to participants, illustrating the specific details of the plant, any issues that need solving, and basic requirements or preferences to allow the planning and design team to draw up the best solution in terms of site requalification or functional reuse.

The proposers are Ecoserdiana Spa and Ecofer Ambiente Srl with the following case studies:
• Landfill for hazardous and non-hazardous special wastes / Ecofer Ambiente Srl
• The Serdiana landfill / Ecoserdiana SpA

For more info on the case studies please click here.