‘Waste Architecture Platform’ is a complex project
conceived as container of initiatives devoted to
environmental architecture in connection with
interventions concerning the collection, disposal
and management of waste


On 7th October a practical landscape design lab session has been coordinated by Giovanni Maciocco, Professor Emeritus of the University of Sassari (IT) and Raffaello Cossu, Professor of the University of Padova (IT). The laboratory has been organised with the collaboration of Studio Arcoplan, Israel Alba, Professor at Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca (ES), Silvia Serreli, Michele Valentino and Laura Lutzoni, Department of Architecture, Design and Planning / University of Sassari (IT). The laboratory has been preceded by an introductory lecture on the topic. This session has gived participants the opportunity to apply theoretical notions and share their views with colleagues and experts within their working groups.
The results of the laboratory are reported below. Please click here to download the .pdf version.