‘Waste Architecture Platform’ is a complex project
conceived as container of initiatives devoted to
environmental architecture in connection with
interventions concerning the collection, disposal
and management of waste

Monograph on the functional and landscape requalification of landfills
Monographs / 1 February 2017

Studio Arcoplan is currently working on the publication of a thematic monograph, to include the reference projects in the field, representing the state-of-the-art on the functional and landscape requalification of landfills. The book (with ISBN-classification) will be published by CISA Publisher, specialised in the publication of scientific books in the field of environmental engineering.
The monograph will include the rehabilitation project of Hiriya Landfill in Tel Aviv designed by Latz+Partner (images of the gallery).

Applied cases of landfill rehabilitation, presented at Sardinia 2017, will be considered for inclusion in the monograph.